Verity Alkaline Water

Verity is alkaline water with a high pH 8+,  100% from West Java natural spring water and  filtered with imported filter from Japan.

Natural Alkaline Water with pH 8+

Consuming natural alkaline water help maintain a balanced pH level in the body

Naturally Processed

processed naturally to get a low TDS (Total Disolved Solid) under 40 ppm

Facilitate Digestion

Verity alkaline water may help alleviate symptoms by neutralizing excess stomach acid.


It may help combat oxidative strees in the body, which can have positive effect on digestion..

Verity Alkaline Water Contains

Verity Alkaline Water has been proven to stabilize the body’s pH levels and has beneficial elements such as Calcium, Potassium, Silica, Selenium, Calcium Fluoride, Bicarbonate which some are good for neutralizing acids effectively



Those who have experienced the benefits of Verity Alkaline Water